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Adam Davis can create a fresh reflection of your corporate business factory, boutique shopping store, or any pursuit, to provide the best experience for your customers and clients.

Photo of Adam DavisAdam is a huge nerd and passionate Internet veteran. He got his first computer in 1994 and first daialed into local BBSs on a 2400 baud modem before upgrading to the 28.8, then 56k and so on. Those free trials of AOL went a long way in the 90s. He's been dabbling in HTML on and off since 1998, learning by doing, and out of necessity in 2005-2010 built and maintained three sites for a prominent morning talk radio host he worked for as an editor, producer and general techy guy.

Adam is also a highly skilled audio engineer. Always interested in experimenting with electronics, microphones, speakers, recording, and a live music enthusiast, he inadvertenty fell deep into the live event buisines. What started as running sound for bands on the weekend for fun and extra money eventually turned into a crazy lifestyle with long, late hours and no semblance of a normal schedule.

It's time to get out of the event world and back into development. In Adam's mind, web programming and audio are almost the same thing - it's all about getting the signal flow right and troubleshooting when it doesn't work, and those are two of his favorite things to do.

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